You have a line up of dominos. Knocking over the first domino, knocks over the second one, which knocks over the third, and then the fourth, and so on. One event sets off a series of related events. If one thing hadn’t occurred, then a complete collection of things wouldn’t have either.

What is the domino project?

When you motivate people, you influence all the people they touch, sort of like ‘the domino effect’. One domino influences the rest of the dominos. This can be either a positive or a negative influence. You can influence attitudes by how you talk to others. So be aware of how you talk to others. What do I mean by that? Is it uplifting? Is it necessary? For example: If you are a manager, the way you treat your employees can have a big influence on how it affects their day and how they treat customers. Be an example to your employees. You are a team. Be assertive, but not aggressive, be personable, and take the time to listen to what others have to say. Think about your employees when they go home to their families after a long day of work. If they were talked to rudely they may take it out on their families. The way you treat a person can be passed onto the next person and the next. This could be ‘pay it forward’ in a negative way. Certainly not your objective!

Another example of the domino effect theory involves sharing your story with other people. When you share your life story, It could possibly help another person overcome their fear of being too afraid to do something about their situation. Listening to someone hear what you went through can inspire them to do something about their situation. Their challenges may seem less daunting if they follow your lead.

The purpose of the domino project?

Every individual has a story the world may need to hear. By understanding one’s story, we are able to reflect and look at something from another viewpoint. As the first domino topples, it knocks the second domino over. Examining new things from a fresh perspective can change your judgment and even your heart. Hearing only things from one side of the story, you only have one opinion. But hearing things from another point of view may lead you to more opportunities and thoughts.
-Interesting thought: To realize it is not your objective in life to entertain everyone you meet! You are here to learn, create, grow, and experience.

The purpose of this is to learn from each other, so I encourage you to share your viewpoint and your story. 

I would love to hear your opinions about current events and things we face on a day to day basis. What has impacted your life? Who has influenced you? How has another persons story changed your feelings on a subject? Has something you’ve thought or done caused a domino effect? Was it positive or negative?

I would also love to hear your thoughts about this project in the comments below.



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