A 21-year-old fun, full of life independent young woman with a love for coffee, shopping, and a little adventure. I love God and I believe that everything that happens in life, there is a reason behind it. I always try to keep that mindset because lord knows if I don’t, then my head is all over the place stressing out for no reason and coming up with scenarios that don’t make any sense. With my blog, I want to inspire and share my ideas with the world!


Grandpa. My soccer coach, my spelling coach, my life coach. Most importantly my friend. I remember when we would listen to the “red music” together and dance to it like no one was watching. We would have the best time sitting on the couch looking at old pictures and old drawings I made back when I was little. Because of you grandpa, I began to write again. I’m beginning to write my own novel and begin blogging again. I’m glad I got to read to you a little bit of my story. You inspired me to be positive and to look at each day with a good attitude. You told me I could do it gramps and you never gave up on me. For teaching me big words and being my number one supporter from day one. I love you so much and I miss you every single day!