DIY Gel MANICURE AT HOME : Madam Glam Review

Goooooood Afternoon everyone!!!!!!!
I have a new video out now 🙂

MADAM GLAM is an at-home gel manicure. It’s vegan, cruelty free, 9 free, and gluten free. 9-Free: Made without 9 of the highest toxic chemicals typically found in polish.

I saved about 32 dollars. Each gel polish retails for about 20 dollars if you’re not doing the VIP Membership. Since this was my first purchase I got 40% off. I used code “FIRST40” at checkout. I paid in TOTAL $80.54.

Watch this video to see my experience with the Madam Glam gel polish. ❤ Sit back..go ahead and grab some coffee cause this vid is over 13 mins long.

Love, Tonee