What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

I’m happy I can sip on some coffee and enjoy my flourless chocolate cupcake after 7PM and not have to even think about waking up early tomorrow. I took a nice breeeak from posting & caught up a little on some hw, and some more projects..

What are some things that you do that make your day go by easier or a little bit better? This is a simple question yet you really have to think about it. Here are some of mine!

Whether it’s editing a blog, video, or my song, I always take pleasure in doing it. There are always things that can be corrected.
For a normal person, it may take an hour or two but for me, it’ll most likely take a week for me to finish something. I know my limits and I know that I can push myself. Rushing things usually never end up well.

Sipping Coffee
I feel like your day hasn’t truly started until you actually had some coffee. It’s the fuel to start the day. To me at least..

Getting Off Work
That last minute of work is always the best. It’s like a minute to yourself to think about what you’re going to do for the rest of the day..go back to sleep or do something productive? Or both??

Not talking about those crunchy nasty cookies. But the soft, small gooey cookies where you can eat about 10 of them and still crave another five.

Da Photo Albums
Bring out da photo albums and I guarantee you I’ll have taken out about 20 photos all ready to take pictures of them for the gram.

Talking to people I love
My friends & family. We always have good times together! They make life so much better

So now, I want to hear some things that make YOUR day go by better. Comment Below!

My Week in some photos! 😜

New restaurant we tried! 

Word of the week
– larceny : theft, stealing
I am signing off,
So until next time!