10 Of My Favorite Motivational Quotes!

You ever spend your time demanding Pinterest to give you some quote for you to post on Instagram?? Cause I do! All the time actually. I’ll look for quotes that pertain to my emotion at that time. You know another random thing I like to do is listen to instrumentals of songs. It makes you envision things based on what you’re listening to. *It also helps with writer’s block.

Soooooooooo! I spent the whole week looking for some quotes that help me with the whole getting my ass up and working my butt off. You ever hear that statement “make your passion your paycheck.” Below I have some motivational quotes that are pushing me to work harder towards my goals & dreams.

#1 “You Did Not Wake Up Today To Be Mediocre.”

#2 “When You Learn How Much You’re Worth, You’ll Stop Giving People Discounts.”

#3 “Hustle Until Your Haters Start to Ask If You’re Hiring.”

#4 “If They Say “It’s Impossible” Remember That It’s Impossible For Them; Not For You.”

#5 “When Someone Says You Can’t Do It. Do It Twice, And Take Pictures.”

#6 “I Can’t Afford To Hang Out With People Who Don’t Inspire Me.”

#7 “Work For It More Than You Hope For It.”

#8 “Comparing Your Beginning To Someone Else’s Middle Or Even End, Prevents You From Truly Enjoying Your Own Successes And Achievements.”

#9 “What You Allow Is What Will Continue.”

#10 “Hustle Until You No Longer Need To Introduce Yourself.”

Here’s a little bit of what happened during my week!


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Word of the week – lugubrious : gloomy, sad
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