What My Ideal Day Looks Like

Personally I think my ideal day starts off a little like this…

8 AM: Wake Up! Stay in bed for an hour on my phone until I’m really ready to get out from my nest and face the day.

9/9:30AM: Take a shower…Get ready for the day.

10AM: Go to the mall and grab some oat milk lattes while shopping around for a bit. But not for too long cause the mall charges crazy parking fees after two hours.

11 AM: Start heading to the beach, oh ya!

12 PM: LUNCH. Food ❤️

1 PM Find a spot to take pics for da blog.

2PM Go Home relax for an hr or 3….

3PM Go See a Movie

5PM Dinnuh.

6PM Chill at Home

7PM: Relax & watch some Wheel Of Fortune

7:30PM: You know what comes on after Wheel Of Fortune….Jeopardy (never miss one)

8PM: Take a shower right after cause I love going to bed with wet hair.

9PM: Get Ready For Bed

10PM: Watch Netflix

12AM: Bed TIME

Word of the week – auspicious: fortunate, hopeful
I am signing off,
So until next time!