Piercings And Tattoos?

I was pretty daring as a kid. The picture above, I remember we were in Vegas when I got this..I wanted something that stooood out! Even if it was just for a couple of days 🤪

QOTD: Would you ever get a piercing and/or tattoo??
((A simple little question for today’s post! So I will give it to ya short & sweet.))

My answer literally changes every day. Right now, it’s a no. I don’t think there’s really a reason as to why I wouldn’t get one, I just can’t see myself with one. But again, my answer varies each day. I think small tattoos are adorable.
I’ll see someone with a tattoo I like and then want one and then a few seconds later see someone with a wack tattoo and not want one. If I was to get one it would be something small! Personally, I think the behind the ear tattoos are adorable.

I like to switch things up and I don’t know if I would like having the same tattoo on me. I think for now..I’m gonna stick to temporary tattoos. As for piercings I’ve thought about it but same with tattoos you can always get fake piercings. Which I think I would do first to see if I like how it looks before I’d even think about doing it.

Before I forget! I’m working on a bunch of videos I’m going to be posting soon. If you haven’t already seen my latest vid check it out!!!


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