3 Personality Traits That I’m Proud Of!

Week 1 Day 6

#1 My Creativeness.
Everything that I do I try to put some type of creativeness to it. If you watch some of my Youtube Videos I wanted to put a theme song at the beginning of my video. So I made my theme song in like an hour on GarageBand and I absolutely love it cause it’s my own thing and something that I created. If that makes any sense. I am open to a lot of things which is what being creative is about. When I take pictures I love color! I try to take pictures in front of places with a unique and cool background. I have an appreciation for backgrounds and artistic things.

#2 Caring For Others. 
I know that everything that I do affects someone else which can then affect another person like the domino effect. I try to be considerate to everyone knowing that everyone is going through a different situation than me. I am honestly so appreciative of the people in my life. This year I want to start being more helpful and being more of a listener and asking for feedback for things I can improve on.

#3 My Hard-Work.
Everything that I do (besides maybe statistics) I put my mind and heart into. Whether it’s my blog or videos or even at work. When I am committed to something I am very much committed. It’s all I think about until it gets done.

Word of the week – auspicious: fortunate, hopeful
I am signing off,
So until tmorrow!