My Guilty Pleasures: Part Dos!

Week 1 Day 5

Hey, what’s up, everyone!

I just bought a new lens for my camera and it should be arriving any minute now so Amazon says… I’m actually really excited to use it to make some new videos & take some bomb looking photos! For my fellow newbie photographers like me, if you’re wondering the lens that I got here is the link for it: CLICK HERE. I have the Sony A6000 camera.

If you for some reason have not already seen my part one for my guilty pleasures here it is: Part 1 CLICK HERE Read that first then come back here!!

I tried Avocado Toast a couple of days ago. Why is it so expensive for being so simple??? The next day my mom made it and it tasted just as good. She made any restaurant that serves Avocado Toast a run for their money. I admit avocado toast is pretty addicting. I never thought I would enjoy it so much. So what does this have to do with my guilty pleasures? Not much, but I just thought I would share a little story with you.

I want to hear some of your guilty pleasures in the comments below!! Do you like dipping your fries in a chocolate shake?

Word of the week – auspicious: fortunate, hopeful
I am signing off,
So until tmorrow!