Introduction! Blog Challenge Week 1 Day 1

Hey everyone! I thought I would share with you a challenge I found on another blog @SometimesSerious I read through the list of posts and I honestly love all of them and I’m so glad to have found this!! I thought it would be a cool challenge to try it out!  Today I’m doing number one on the list which is an introduction to this new challenge I am starting. So every day for 31 days I’ll be posting a little something something. (yeah..this is gonna be hard). But I’m going to try & do my best.

I thought I’d do a short and sweet little introduction about myself. Tomorrow we’ll get into the fun stuff!

My name is Tonee. I love to write, make videos, & be creative. I want to become a journalist when I’m older like 50 maybe. Right now I just want to make videos and blog til I’m like 45 and then take 5 years off to relax. Sounds like a good idea right?
Oh & publish my book two years from now. I’m pretty sure I’ll be done with it by then.

I really like to experiment with makeup because I love colors. My favorite color is turquoise. I love to shop for clothes..speaking of that, shopping is my favorite hobby! If anyone is in need of a shopping buddy hit me up! I love a good movie with a twist at the end. My favorite food is french fries. I talk to myself a lot..I like to give myself pep talks. & One day I will be in Bora Bora on the beach relaxing because that is my dream vacation.


Word of the week – auspicious: fortunate, hopeful
I am signing off,
So until tmorrow!