Putting Yourself Out There No Matter The Outcome. #ToneeRANT

This is your platform.
It is your voice.
And YOU get to say and write what YOU want!

I know we can get tired of seeing the same words over and over again but just hear me out for a little bit. You may take something out of this. Trust me..this is literally one of the quickest heart-to-heart you will probably ever read.

You can be politically correct all you want and someone will always find a way to turn what you say and make it sound offensive when all you are trying to do is state your truth. Some of us are so scared to put ourselves out there because we think someone isn’t going to like what we have to say or someone will hate what you stand up for. You could be the hardest working person in the world and guess what? Someone will complain that you work too much or that you should be working harder. People are all up in each others business and not in their own. I seriously think some people actually think hard work comes on a silver platter. I know this!! Well, newsflash to those people, it doesn’t and it never will. With hard work, you gotta put yourself out there. You have to do things that get you out of your comforts like talking in front of actual, legit people. You gotta do things for yo self boo. 

Just gotta prove those 
Actually, you don’t have to prove anybody anything. Except maybe yourself. You are your biggest competition of course.

You should never have to feel obligated to explain yourself if you are doing things for your best interest. Once you admit to yourself that you are not perfect and that you are an imperfect person who still does and tries their best that’s really all you can really ask for. Once we start getting into that mindset of “I’m not good enough.” or “I wish I hadn’t done that.” we start to go on a downward spiral. We start being private about the things we do, and then we start cutting people out from our lives. But in fact, we should be doing the exact opposite.

Sometimes you gotta give yourself badass pep talks.
The less we care about what others think of us the more we can start to make the best decisions for ourselves. You just gotta do it. You know what I’m talking about. It’s gonna be tough but you have to use your voice for what you want or you are going to constantly be doing what others want & it’s going to get to the point where it’ll be too much. You’ll be listening to 200 different opinions and the one you should really be focusing on is your own.

I saw a quote on Pinterest a couple days ago and it said: “Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make.” Absolutely loveeee this quote!

Hopefully, I didn’t lose too many people by the end of this post. I tried to keep this post short and strawberry sweet. I wanted the message of this post to be clear and straight to the message. I am not big on reading super long essays..I like things that get straight to the point so I don’t forget anything and because I have a quick attention span.

Just thought I’d share this photo with Y’all. I was trying to take some cute photos to put in this post and I thought sitting on the bench was a good idea and my whole butt got wet and It was in the mall so we had quite a ways to walk to the car. Ah, the things you do to get a cute looking photo. Smh.

Word of the week – Supercilious: Proud
I am signing off,
So until next time!