And just like that, we are back to reality. This year is about getting those goals down and hopefully getting them accomplished. I am guilty of always having those crazy goals that are almost unachievable because I have no idea or plan on how to complete them. This year I made goals that are more realistic and accomplishable while still pushing me to work twice as hard.
…..Before I go any further I went to a coffee shop at the mall yesterday and I went in and ended up getting a regular iced latte with oat milk. And oh my goodness..that was the most delicious thing I’ve ever had. It’s dairy free too so if you are allergic or are trying to cut out as much dairy as you can because it makes you feel bloated af and break out as it does to me than Oat Milk is a great option. Just wanted to let y’all know & bring it to your attention before it’s everywhere. Cause I gotta feeling that it’s gonna start being in every coffee shop and grocery store like coconut, soy, and almond milk are.

*If you got an email this morning with this blog post. Here are the rest of the goals! There were some numbers that were left empty. I had to keep ya guessing!

1-100 Subscribers On My Blog. I began this blog almost three months ago. Kinda crazy. It feels like I have had this blog forever. I still have so much I want to do with this blog and things I want to write and messages I want to spread as well as building my audience. I hope you all stay tuned for next week’s blog post because it’s going to be a good one & unlike any of my other posts.

2-Set Up My Youtube Channel. I put out my first video a couple days ago. I mainly want to keep a schedule going and hopefully post once a week if I can.  I’ve been afraid to start videoing myself and showing off my goofy & dumb personality to other people but I think the more I do videos the more comfortable I’ll be on camera. If you have not seen my first video yet here it is! It’s a long one so sit down get some popcorn, coffee and enjoy!

3-Go On Hikes. Alright Alright. So it’s been a couple years. But I think it’d be fun to get back into it. It would be a hell of a challenge though because it has been so long. The next day after a long hike is gonna kill my legs. I remember when I would go to the gym & run on the treadmill at a good speed for almost an hour and not being able to walk the next day. Getting onto the toilet seat was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

4-Staying Positive. I think we all have our moments where we feel like giving someone the evil eye. I give em all the time. To be honest, I’m surprised no ones actually said anything especially with my inability to hide my facial expressions. What was I saying again?? Oh yeah. Staying positive. No challenge at all.

5-To Completely Finish Writing My Novel. This has been my goal for a while now. And honestly I am not sure if this goal will happen this year but I hope I will be damn close to finishing it by the end of this year.

6-Drink More Water. I have been lacking and fumbling and failing with this one. I always forget to drink water especially when I am at work. I should get one of those apps that tells me when to drink water cause I always get so distracted & forget I need water to stay sane.

7-Give Back More. This year I want to give back more and help out as much as I can.

8-Become More Organized. I think I’m doing pretty dang good so far. So far I’ve kept up with the things that I’m prioritizing. School, work, writing, videoing, editing, eating, sleeping. If you ask my parents they’ll say otherwise.

9-Declutter Room. I want to start revamping and getting rid of things I don’t use anymore. Anyone have some tips for this one?

I don’t know bout y’all, but I am ready to Slaaayy…not slay..but Slaaayy this year! Let’s go 2019!

Word of the week – Supercilious: Proud
I am signing off,
So until next time! With an EXTREMELY special surprise…