Winter Bucket List

This year has gone by in just the snap of a finger. Christmas awaits us and 2019 is coming for us. I think this calls for a Winter Bucket List & some new activities to do during this cozy season besides waiting last minute to do Christmas Shopping.
Originally I started out with 10 things on my Winter Bucket List but then I just kept adding more things to the list and sooner then later I ended up with 19. If you can think of any more fun activities..besides ice skating because I do not want to fall flat on my AS- well you know… then please leave a comment down below! I would love to hear more ideas.

1.) Go out & drive across town to look at the Christmas lights.

2.) Picnic. Grab some food, some coffee, and head over to the beach. Take our jackets and walk around the beach collecting shells.

3.) Go to my favorite restaurant. Texas RoadHouse. Mom. Dad? If you’re reading this..we have to go to Texas RoadHouse!

4.) Set goals for the new year. I want to set reasonable goals, nothing over the top, but something that’ll push me out of my comfort zone.

5.) Watch Christmas Movies. I can officially cross this one off my list. I’ve been watching Christmas Movies every single day now! I have so many new favorites now!

6.) Bake Some Cookies. Gma & I have been spending a couple hours just looking at Pinterest Cookie Recipes we want to try and make for Christmas!

7.) Make some hot chocolate with whipped cream. Take our hot chocolate in a to-go cup and drive around to see those Christmas Lights.

8.) Game Night At Home. Apples To Apples Y’all! I have the game already for us to play!

9.) Wear Santa Hat & Take Pics.

10.) Make an Ornament. I really want to go to Michaels and buy some stuff to create an ornament for the Tree next year!

11.) Holiday Road Trip. 🙂 Something fun & with the family of course!

12.) Give Back & Help Someone In Need. I want to make Homeless Care Packages..get some ziplock bags and start filling them up with toiletries and snacks & start passing them out.

13.) Spend Time With Family. I’ve been having the best time with my family. I’ve been vlogging and blogging every moment.

14.) Look At Old Photos. Taking out the photo albums and just passing them around,//  laughing and talking about the memories we’ve had.


15.) Drink Eggnog. My friend got me addicted to Ice Coffee with Eggnog.

16.) Family Photos. Find a pretty place to take pictures and get some family photos!

17.)  Decorate The House.

18.) Wear An Ugly Christmas Sweater. I just gotta find one! One guy came into my work today and wore an ugly Christmas Sweater with lights on him that kept flashing.

19.) Begin A New Christmas Tradition. I was reading up on what some people do for Christmas and one that caught my eye was a New Year’s Prediction Jar. Each person from the family writes down a prediction of what they think is going to happen in their life or in another family members life in a jar and then next Christmas open the Jar and read them aloud.  I saw this idea on “AllWomensTalk.” I think this is such a fun and cool idea to try!

Word of the week – Abstemious: Being Careful About What You Eat
I am signing off,
So until next time! With a VERY special surprise…