Christmas OOTD (Outfit, Makeup, Wishlist)

Welcome to Sleigh or Slay Wednesday!!!!!!
Sooo last Sunday my Parents & I went to our traditional Sushi restaurant that we often go to for lunch. We always get the best view of the resort across from us. It’s the most extravagant, beautiful, resort with an overlook of the Pacific Ocean. We walked over there after lunch to see why everyone was so happy. It’s kind of a rare sight to see people smiling when it’s so close to raining outside.
So as we first walked in they had complimentary hot chocolate. This place already won my heart over with the self-serve hot chocolate. And it was not no average hot chocolate. I don’t know if they added more sweetener to it or what but that was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. It was rich but yummy. And of course, I had a little photo shoot cause what’s a perfect place with great lighting and a great background if you can’t take pictures of it for????

For when Christmas comes around I like to wear lesser makeup. Why? Cause I casually get lazier during the Holidays and go to bed earlier. Ever since that time-change last month, I’ve been going to bed much earlier. I get tired so early now. And when I’m tired the only thing I think about is my bed & not having to take my makeup off.
What’s on your wishlist this Christmas?

Wishlist For Myself:
– Pajamas!
– Lip Gloss
– Clear Skin

I am in love with this top. The cuts…The pattern…The mesh on the top..I bought this top from Fashion Nova. $27.99 is the Original Price but they always have discounts going on so you can usually get it for cheaper! This top is sorta like a peplum top because it does flare out from the waist. I really like the way it looks on. Not to mention it’s the perfect top for the holidays. It has that warm, and comfy look to it. Grey Suede Boots paired perfectly with this outfit. I have black ones too but I think the grey added something snazzy to the outfit.img_9327 Now let’s talk about the lips. Now that it is colder outside, my number one focus is to make sure my lips are never dry or cracking. I’ve been using lip gloss a lot recently. I am a big, big Fenty Beauty fan. I use a lot of their products and I believe their gloss is one of the best products they’ve made! img_6036

img_9328Word of the week – Precocious: Acting Older Than Their Age
I am signing off,
So until next time!