Christmas Music Playlist// My Favorite Christmas Movies!

It’s raining……..It’s pouring…..but I see no old man snoring. And he certainly didn’t get into bed and bump his head. All I see is everyone lining up to get a cup of coffee and food before the rain hits hard. I’m not judging though…cause I’m the first one in line. I’m one of those people who no matter what will get an iced drink regardless if it’s −89.2 °C outside. I find ice drinks taste a lot better than hot ones do. But occasionally I don’t mind getting a hot chocolate here and there.  What about you, what’s your go-to drink?
Today marks the beginning of my new blog series #sleighorslaywednesday. Every Wednesday of December I am posting a Holiday related post instead of my initial Friday postings which will resume back in January.

My Favorite Christmas Movie

Heres a little list of my most memorable & favorite holiday movies to watch.

1.) How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I think we all sometimes feel like the Grinch at times.

2.) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We all know someone like Cousin Eddy.

3.) The Polar Express. I used to watch this movie with my grandpa a lot. Brings back special memories. This will forever be one of my favorites.

4.) Home Alone. I would spend hours watching this with my brother and rewinding the spider scene a hundred billion times and just laughing so hard. This movie is a classic and will forever be one of the funniest Christmas Movies. 

5.) A Christmas Prince. I watched this movie with my mom & dad. In the beginning, before we watched it I thought It’d be cheesy. But it was a really cute romantic comedy. They have this one on Netflix so if you have not already seen it yet I reccomend watching it if you’re into a cute/romantic/funny Christmas Movies. 

6.) A Christmas Story. My dad’s absolute favorite. If he sees this playing on TV (even if hes watching football) he would in a heartbeat change it to this movie. Maybe not actually but he really does love this movie.

7.) While You Were Sleeping. Another sweet, feel good, Christmas rom com.

My Holiday Playlist

I made this playlist yesterday. And I will be listening to it everyday until Christmas is here. What’s your favorite Christmas Song?

Thank you for reading! I can’t believe we’re already almost done with this year. Don’t get me wrong though this year has been the most up and down, longest fricken year of life. But still, a new year is about to begin. In 27 days.

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