Trying On Clothes From Fashion Nova…Honest Review!

I know my birthday was last week and I’m getting older by the minute but I’m only 19 and the back pain is already here?? What on earth is going on? But still, I’m forcing myself to get this blog post out no matter how painful my fricken back is. I’ve been wanting to do a clothing review on Fashion Nova for a long time now and I finally had the time to get around to doing it.

The first ever purchase I made from Fashion Nova, I had to take some of the items back. It didn’t fit my body properly. It was looking too tight in the bust area and it just wasn’t the prettiest sight to see, lemme just tell ya! They gave me the credit back as a gift card so I had another chance to find something that fit me better. Fashion Nova is all over Social Media, your friends talk about it, and celebrities hype it up. But why? Is it worth it? Today, I show you a couple different outfits I paired together with pieces I bought from Fashion Nova. I hope you enjoy and let me know which outfit is your favorite.

1.) Cozy, Pink, & Fuzzy.

The first piece I got was this jacket. It’s finally cold outside and time to bring out the big, comfy jackets. img_8668They had this piece in different colours but pink really looked the best in my opinion. Butttt if you want the jacket to match more…I would probably recommend getting the black or white jacket. The key thing about this jacket though was that it kept me extra warm. I’m tempted to buy it in another colour! What do you think of this jacket? Is it too fuzzy for your liking??img_8625

I didn’t know Fashion Nova sold sunglasses. I call them fashion glasses because there more for fashion than the sun. I loved the fit of these, they didn’t fall off, and they’re super stylish. And the best thing! They were 5 bucks!

2.) Outfit Complete Stockings

Pair these cute stockings up with a skirt and boy will you be rocking that party! Don’t forget the boots of course.


3.) Chic & Sleek Head Scarf

Ahhhh yesss!! My absolute favorite! To me, this completed the outfit I was wearing. It was stylish and made my outfit super trendy.


4.) Pretty In Pink

This shirt I have to say, I was a bit nervous about ordering this one. I didn’t know how it DSC00105.jpgwould fit. If it’d be too tight or would show too much. But I have to say this colour is beautiful and I love the cut of the shirt. It fits just right and  goes perfectly with a pair of jeans. It’s long in the back which is nice cause it covers the butt! It’s a dusty pink colour. Friday’s the new Wednesday to wear pink.

I bought these high kneesocks and thought it went perfectly with this outfit.

Pros Of Fashion Nova:

-Affordable! Who doesn’t love fashionable clothing that’s inexpensive???

-Shipping. Everytime that I have ordered from Fashion Nova, the shipping is always fast which I absolutely love.

-Lots of good finds! Fun & UNIQUE clothing!

Cons Of Fashion Nova:

-Not too fond of their Return Policy. If you return an item they’ll issue you a gift card instead of refunding the money back to your card.

-Some clothes are a bit see-through so you do have to be careful with that.

-The fit. The sizing fits differently, for me at least. Everyone has a different shape and sometimes it can fit on one person but won’t fit on another. So just keep that in mind. They have a size chart on their website so if you are thinking of purchasing I would look at it first.

Here Are All The Items That I Displayed In This Post!
Plenty Of Fish Thigh Highs – Black
Not Your Average Knee High Socks – Blue
Giving Me The Feels Sweater – Mauve
Great Feels Fuzzy Jacket – Mauve
Posh Sunglasses – White/Smoke
Heading Your Way Headscarf – Black/Yellow

Do I recommend Fashion Nova? Definitely! And I was so glad to have given it another chance because now I shop and order there at least once a week. I found a style that really worked for me.
Thank you so much for reading!!

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