Turning 19 Years Old!

When I was at work today I asked everyone what kind of food they ate for Thanksgiving and I got so many different answers! Some answers I got: Carne Asada, Seafood, Noodles, Rice, Bean Soup. I always thought Thanksgiving was just the basic turkey, stuffing, and some gravy. The interesting thing was out of all the people I asked only one or two of them were having a Turkey dinner. Everyone’s food sounded delicious! Especially the dessert part. How was your Thanksgiving?
The day before Thanksgiving was my birthday. But honestly, I don’t feel a day older in my body. I still can’t stand olives. I still hate tomatoes. And I still very much so dislike mushrooms. They said as I got older my taste buds would change and I would have a different pallet for foods that I don’t like. Unfortunately, I still hate all three. BUT some things I have come to love over the years include makeup, going to bed early, and going shopping.

Here are some of the things I got for my bday!


I had an early shift the morning of my bday and at the end of my shift I went outside and saw my car 😱 I honestly had no idea who it was. I thought it was one of my co-workers but then I saw my friend come out of her car and I just kept laughing. My Best Best Best Friend Tyra came to my work and decorated my whole car. 😂😂 I love her so much!!!!!

Later that night after we had dinner, my parents suprised me & took me to the movies and we watched Ralph Breaks The Internet. It just so happened it came out the same day as my bday. Which if you have not seen it yet it was a really good movie!

This was my Birthday outfit that I specifically bought for the occasion. I bought it from Nastygal. Not only was it super cute but it was also really comfy!

I had such an amazing birthday and I am very thankful for my family & friends. If you guys are reading this I want you to know that I love you so much. I appreciate everything. & Thank you for always catching my grammar and misspeljbg mistakes 😉 & thank you for a fun and memorable birthday.

Word of the weekSuperconductivity: A Complete Disappearance.
I am signing off,
So until next time!