15 Different Guilty Pleasures Of Mine

Thank God it is finally Friday. This year really just flew by. Five more days until my birthday. Six more days until Thanksgiving. Thirty-nine days until Christmas. 😲 Y’all can you believe that!? Anyone else been watching The Hallmark Christmas Movies?? I swear that’s one thing I look forward to every single year.

Ok So……..I know we ALL have our fair share of guilty pleasures that we may all be shy to admit..some of us not so much. Today I sat down and wrote a list of my top 15 favorite things.

1.) What Is….Jeopardy. That is our family tradition every single night. Every night at 7:30 on the dot the family sits up straight, eyes open wide, and mouths ready to blurt out answers. I find it almost relaxing to watch. My mom is really good at it. Majority of the time my dad & I blurt out the wrong answers but hey long as we’re having fun and sounding confident in our answers..am I right??? Last night my dad was killing it though! We all have our off days…

2.) Online Shopping. I think the pleasure of receiving a gift is so satisfying to me and I have no idea why. I like opening boxes ?? I really don’t know. But whatever it is I love opening gifts up. And even though I know what I bought it still seems like I’m opening up a surprise gift for myself that I’ve been waiting for since I pressed that “complete order” on the website.

3.) French Fries. I am a french fry FANATIC. If you asked me to choose what place has the best fries It may take me a while. You can’t do wrong with fries.
My best friend & I love to eat buffalo wing fries with boba.

4.) Reading Reviews. 😅 It’s a bad habit I may say. Before I eat anywhere. Before I go to a movie. Before I watch a tv show. I look at the reviews first to see what I’m getting myself into.

5.) In N Out. Grilled Cheese with onions & animal fries! Their milkshakes are bomb too!


6.) Quotes. I’ll spend a couple billion hours on pinterest to find quotes that I really like & keep them in a file for when I want to post them.

7.) Lipstick. If you know me you know that I cannot go a day without lipstick. And if I do then it’s a rough day for me.

8.) Pickles. That’s it. No explanation as to why. I just love pickles. FACT: Subway pickles are the best.

9.) Candy Crush. Amaazing stress reliever!

10.) Breaky at Mcdonald’s. They serve the best breakfast for cheap!! I really love their bacon Mcgriddles and Oatmeal and of course their hashbrowns! Anyone wanna go on a breakfast date??

11.) Making Lists. I love to write things down even if there’s no reason for me to write it down. I have over 200 notes on my phone. I like writing down daily lists of things and crossing it off as soon as I finish it. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a lot even if it’s one thing.

12.) When It’s Cold At Night. Sleeping at night while its cold and you have your warm blanket on you is the best feeling in the world.

13.) Psychological Thriller Movies. Why do I love them so much? They mess with your head and it’s a completely different outcome to what you thought was going to happen. It makes you really use your brain to know what’s going to happen. Gone Girl (one of my all time fav movies), Prisoners, and The Invitation are just some examples of really good ones. I have a list of movies I still need to watch!

14.) Sharks. There such fascinating and amazing creatures.

15.) Watching the Funny Moments of Family Feud On Youtube. Gotta love Steve Harvey’s humor! I can spend hours on Youtube just laughing at Steve’s facial expressions.

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you enjoy something, there’s nothing guilty about it.” – Busy Philipps

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I am signing off,
So until next time!