Reviewing 2 New Lipsticks! NARS & DOSE OF COLORS

I have the fantasy that one day I am going to get into the spirit and grab a hot chocolate from Starbucks and come home to snuggle with my pillows and be in my pajamas watching all four Halloween Town Movies and then finish watching Twitches. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow since I have lots of free time this weekend. Out of curiosity, what is your favorite Halloween movie?
So I just recently went to Ulta with my best friend to go on a hunt for some fab red lookin’ lipstick. I purchased 2 different lipsticks – NARS and Dose Of Colors which I will be reviewing today! I am always on a good lookout for new colors, and these two lipsticks caught my attention several times. Not only do the colors look visually appealing but the packaging looks irresistable.


Finding a good lipstick can take a really long time, especially if you are picky with your lipsticks like I am. It took me a couple of years to finally find a lipstick that I really really like. Every brand that I have tried has a completely different feel and look to my lips. Some lipsticks are too sticky, and some don’t even last and you have to keep re-applying every thirty minutes. I am a matte lipstick kinda gal. I don’t like the feeling of stickiness and gloss on my lips. Matte goes on wet but it dries within a couple minutes.img_4725

Now the Dose Of Colors lipstick isn’t necessarily a red-colored lipstick, it looks to be more of a dark pink color. But honestly, when I swatched this color at Ulta, it was too hard to just put back on the shelf and say my fellow goodbyes to it. Can I just say, both lipsticks look like they could be about 50 bucks each! I’m a sucker for cute and sophisticated looking things. img_4735

As you are looking for a new lipstick to use, asking yourself these three questions always helps you separate the good lipsticks from the bad ones.

1.) Do I like the color of it?
2.) How long will it last on my lips//how often do I have to reapply it?
3.) Does it make my lips look dry and cracked?


Dose Of Colors – Strawberry Pop Red
Purchase Here
Pros + Cons Of This Lipstick!!

The color is beautiful!
-The price

The color did dry up pretty fast on the wand
-Had to reapply many times




I absolutely love the color of this lipstick. I thought it would have been a little bit darker but I have to say I’m digging this color. It’s a mix between an orange and a pink. I have some perfect outfits that would pair up amazing together. The product did dry up pretty fast so I had to hurry up and apply it to my lips. But I think for the price this is such a steal!


NARS – Powermatte Starwoman $26Purchase here!
Pros + Cons Of This Lipstick!!

-Beautiful red color
-Smells delicious
-Only had to reapply once

-Price was a little on the high side



This gorgeous red color from Nars. It went on so smoothly! Something I absolutely love with both of these lipsticks is that when I went to take them off for the day they came off super easily without any struggle! So, there you have it! Two gorgeous looking lipsticks that I def recommend for anyone to try if you are in to bright color lipsticks or just looking to change up your look.

My slogan is called “Daily Dose of Inspo” and if you are wondering what this post has to do with inspiration you are right. It doesn’t. But! To me, wearing lipstick makes me feel powerful. I know, something so small as lipstick can make me feel different and strong. But it’s true! Anytime I put on lipstick, especially if it’s bright and colorful, it makes me feel like I can slay the day. So I want to know what is something that makes you feel powerful in the world?

Word of the weekTenacious : persistent.
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So until next time!